Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Albi City

Albi is located 75 km from Toulouse, which can be reached by direct flights from most of the largest cities, followed by the one hour trip to Albi via a direct highway or train.

Albi is situated in the Tarn department, lying between the Aquitaine basin and the Massif Central, near the Gaillac vineyards, the Cordais plateau and the Grésigne forest. Albi is one of the favourite destinations in southern France that combines a number of advantages: a listed heritage in the centre of a city built on a human scale, and a gentle lifestyle due to the sunshine, fine wine and food, and the generous and hospitable character of the people.

Albi is a very nice old medieval town, whose Episcopal City belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to its deep historical background with the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar heretics (13th century), Albi has a famous museum dedicated to the painter “Toulouse-Lautrec”, who was born in the city.


With 23 higher education establishments, Albi is also a young and dynamic university city.