Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Tuition fees

Admission’s procedure:

The admission is a three-step procedure:

1. Eligibility: After the reception of the application, the international development officer assesses the eligibility of the candidate’s application. She checks the conformity of the candidate’s experience and documents with the eligibility conditions.

2. Admissibility: When the application is complete and the application fees paid, the master Jury pronounces as soon as possible the admissibility (or not) of the application. The master coordinator emails the decision to the candidate. In some cases, a 20-25 minute interview in English, by Skype, may be requested to evaluate the candidate’s motivation, interests and goals. To confirm their seat, the students declared admissible by the Master Jury, should pay a non-refundable* enrolment deposit of 1 000€ (one thousand euros) within 3 weeks after the admissibility decision  and send the proof of the payment of the deposit. From May 1st, the deposit has to be paid within 2 weeks after the admissibility decision. This deposit is deductible from the total tuition fees. Students have also to complete the online application with:

  •  birth certificate issued abroad in a foreign language have to be translated by French Consulate in your country, the translation must be accompanied by a photocopy of the original birth certificate
  • grant certificates (if relevant).

3. Admission: After reception of all the documents and of the deposit, the official admission letter will be send to you  by email and by regular mail, at the indicated postal address. Students have to complete the online application with an insurrance which covers repatriation in case of accidents, serious illness and death for the total period on your staying in France.


Fees & deposit:

The application fees are 50€.

The tuition fees are:

  • 7 500€/year for European students (ie, 15 000€ for the full program),
  • 9 000€/year for overseas students (ie, 18 000€ for the full program).

The tuition fees can be paid by instalment starting from your arrival in France.


*Refund policy for the deposit:

Cancellation must be notified by letter, dated and signed.  A full refund – except the administrative costs of 100 € – is granted only for a student who became sick in the meantime (official proof requested) or for a student who does not receive his visa through no fault of his own (official proof requested).