Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Master Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

Industry collaboration – Case study

Planned over the three academic semesters, the industrially-relevant team project enables the students to apply their academic knowledge in real work settings and  to use up-to-date on-site pilot-scale facilities. Students have to design the whole process within a sustainable development frame and to demonstrate its economic viability.

High value energy carrier from plastic packaging waste

Plastic recycling is a priority of the Circular Economy Action Package adopted in December 2015 by the EU Commission. The Package proposes raising the recycling target for plastic packaging to 55%, and reducing landfilling to no more than 10% by 2030. Gasification, a thermal treatment at high temperature (around 700°C) wit ha controlled amount of oxygen, is a promising valorisation route to convert plastic waste into syngas or a higher value energy carrier. The production of  hydrogen, to be used as a fuel in fuel cell cars, is targeted in this project.

Carbon black from tires through vapothermolysis

In Europe, over 300 millions of tires are removed from passenger cars, utility vehicles or trucks each year. According to the EU Waste Landfill Directive, these waste tires can no longer be sent to landfills due to obvious environmental issues and have to be valorized. Vapothermolysis, a thermal treatment under non-oxidative conditions at high temperature (400 to 800°C), is a promising valorisation route. The production of reclaimed Carbon Black (rCB) is targeted in this project.